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Have you been searching for professional crane hire in Nottinghamshire? If so, then you’ve found the answer. Here at Chris Allsop we know that hiring a crane can be a daunting prospect, so we’ve made our crane hire in Nottinghamshire as easy and effective as possible. We specialise in providing crane hire, plant hire, scrap metal recycling and more. If crane hire in Nottinghamshire could be beneficial to you and your business or project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE quote!

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    What is a crane?

    A crane is a high-performance, advanced piece of machinery that comes equipped with pulleys and cables. These fittings are then used to lift and lower objects, and move them horizontally. Crane hire in Nottinghamshire can be advantageous within many sectors and can assist with:

    • Machine and plant movement.
    • Cabin and container transport.
    • Goods transportation.
    • Construction work.
    • Domestic and commercial projects.
    • The water and sewage industries.
    • Gas industry.
    • Retail industry.
    • Warehouses and industrial units.
    • Vehicle and boat transportation.
    • And more!

    We have the skills and knowledge to cater to a variety of requirements, offering both crane and operator-only hire (CPA hire) or a full Contract Lift. In addition to our range of cranes for hire, we also have a wide range of lifting equipment and crane mats available.


    What types of crane hire in Nottinghamshire are there?

    We understand that crane hire in Nottinghamshire may be confusing, so we’ve done everything we can to make the process simple. Below you’ll find the crane hire in Nottinghamshire that we offer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

    CPA or Contract Lift Crane Hire

    CPA hire means that you’ll be responsible for supplying all of the below information marked with an ‘x’. You would take full responsibility for the planning of the lift, the crane selection, and all relevant insurances, including hired in-plant insurance. If you choose contract lift crane hire in Nottinghamshire, we will look after everything for you. We will plan the lift, supply the personnel and relevant equipment, and provide you with all the health and safety paperwork and insurance.

    Call Us For A Free Quote – 0115 961 3775

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    Standard Crane Hire in Nottinghamshire (CPA)

    Crane Machinery
    Crane Operator
    Risk Assessment 
    Method Statement
    Appointed Person
    Crane Supervisor
    Included Insurance

    Site Survey

    Contract Lift Crane Hire in Nottinghamshire

    Crane Machinery
    Crane Operator
    Risk Assessment
    Method Statement
    Appointed Person
    Crane Supervisor
    Included Insurance

    Site Surveys

    All our skilled operators have many years of experience, and all hold the relevant qualifications. This means you can rest assured that we know to complete a job efficiently, safely and to high standards.

    Mini Crane Hire in Nottinghamshire

    Mini crane hire in Nottinghamshire is suitable for projects with smaller load demands. We recommend mini crane hire in Nottinghamshire for small building and construction sites, domestic and residential projects, warehouses and more.

    Nottingham HIAB Hire

    HIAB stands for ‘Hydrauliska Industri AB’ and is the brand name for a truck fitted with a hydraulic crane. HIAB hire is best suited to projects that require unloading and transporting heavy freight and goods at ports, factories, warehouses, construction sites and more.

    Spider Crane Hire in Nottinghamshire

    Spider crane hire in Nottinghamshire is suitable for operation across low load-bearing floors. They are also the most appropriate crane to use when the ground is uneven or for moving across difficult terrain. Spider crane hire in Nottinghamshire is ideal for use in confined areas.

    What are the benefits of crane hire in Nottinghamshire?

    Our crane hire in Nottinghamshire comes with many advantages that we have seen our customers benefit from first-hand…

    Ease of use

    Crane hire in Nottinghamshire is suitable for many sectors and a variety of terrains. This makes crane hire a great solution for lifting and transporting goods with ease.


    Cranes feature advanced attachments and fittings such as pulleys and cables. This means that they can safely lift goods and move them securely between locations.


    Cranes are great at accessing tight spaces and navigating difficult terrain or uneven ground. With so many crane types available for hire, there will be one to suit your requirements.


    Cranes can lift and transport items seamlessly. With the addition of a crane operator, you can be assured that everything is taken care of at one price.

    Do you need a licence to operate a crane?

    Yes, you will need a license to operate a crane regardless of the type of crane hire in Nottinghamshire you choose. Get in touch with us for more information.

    How much does crane hire cost?

    The cost of crane hire in Nottinghamshire will vary depending on the size and type of crane you wish to hire and the length of time you will be hiring for. Contact us today for a FREE quote.

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