East Midlands Scrap Metal Recycling & Collection

Are you looking for East Midlands scrap metal recycling and collection? Do you want to make money from your unused scrap metal? If this sounds like you, then visit our East Midlands scrap metal yard where we can cater to all of this and more. We specialise in recycling and processing scrap metal as well as services in demolition, crane hire, plant hire and more. So, if you’re looking to get rid of scrap metal in Loughborough and the East Midlands, get in touch with us for a FREE quote!

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    What items does a scrap man take?

    One of the most common questions we get asked as East Midlands scrap metal specialists is ‘what items does a scrap man take?’. We can undertake East Midlands scrap metal collection and recycling for a range of metals. This includes many types of scrap metal, machinery, and factory arisings. A scrap yard will pay you for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is a hassle-free way of getting rid of unwanted metals. The types of scrap metal that we can collect, and recycle are:

    Non-Ferrous MetalsFerrous Metals
    AluminiumCast iron
    Stainless steelElectronics

    If you’re not sure which type of East Midlands scrap metal you have, get in touch with us for trusted advice.


    What does a scrap yard do?

    At our East Midlands scrap metal yard, you will find modern and efficient technology and machinery, including 50-tonne weighbridge facilities. So we can collect and handle any type of East Midlands scrap metal you may want to get rid of. This means that there will be minimal charges and maximum return on your East Midlands scrap metal prices. We provide tailored scrap metal recycling collection and skip hire (one-off or contract hire) to dispose of your unwanted scrap metal. For an even more hassle-free process, we also provide all the necessary documentation.

    Who uses scrap yards?

    Our East Midlands scrap metal yard is used by many, including:

    • Metal merchants who buy and sell scrap metal.
    • Tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, builders, and contractors.
    • Homeowners (to scrap metallic appliances, piping, cabling and more).
    • Anyone who has leftover scrap metal or unused metals.

    Call Us For A Free Quote – 0115 961 3775

    Chris Allsop

    What happens in a metal scrap yard?

    At our scrap yard, you can bring their East Midlands scrap metal to be processed and recycled. Based on the weight of your metal, you’ll be paid competitive scrap metal prices. We will typically purchase these metals for recycling and processing into new products.

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    What are the benefits of East Midlands scrap metal recycling?

    Using a scrap yard to recycle scrap metal includes many benefits, most of which we have seen our customers enjoy first-hand. Here are some of the many advantages of East Midlands scrap metal recycling…

    Makes you money

    You will be paid for your scrap metal based on the weight of your metal. All of our prices are competitive which means that you’ll receive fantastic monetary benefits by visiting our East Midlands scrap metal centre.

    Good for the environment

    Recycling scrap metal boasts fantastic benefits for the environment. When metal is recycled, there is less scrap metal in landfills and more space for other waste like food and non-recyclable items. Unwanted metals can also be put to good use by being reused and remade.

    Free up space

    When hScrap metal takes up a lot of space. Removing scrap metal from your home, shed, yards and garage will get rid of an eyesore that is taking up a lot of space. This means that your space will be cleaner and more organised.

    Conserves energy

    Rather than creating new products from scratch, less energy is used to achieve the same results with scrap metal. With reliance on new sources minimised, companies and individuals can save money by reducing their energy consumption.

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    Why choose us?

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    Environmentally Friendly

    We take full liability for onsite waste removal & monitoring of ground/surface water, leaving minimal environmental pollution.

    Chris Allsop

    Diverse Range of Vehicles

    Alternative low loaders, HIAB or Flat Bed vehicles. We also offer skip hire for engineering and factory metals.

    Chris Allsop

    Customer Service

    We provide FREE same-day payments, 50-tonne weigh-bridge facilities, great prices and tailored collections to suit you/your business.

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    Fully Compliant

    We are fully compliant, and we provide all necessary documentation, allowing you to have a stress-free scrapping experience!

    If you’re looking for East Midlands scrap metal specialists, then you’ve found the answer with Chris Allsop. Get in touch with us today for your FREE quote!

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